Award Winners "Frecher Mario" 2014


[hpd article - Frecher Mario 2014 (in German)]

On November 13th, 2014, the art award "Der freche Mario" was awarded for the fourth timein the rooms of the "Seidlvilla", Munich. Entry to the award ceremony was free.

1. Award winner: ANONYMOUS

An anonymous person won the first prize. 1500€ were transferred to the winner via a trustee anonymously




„Caritas: Wir machen uns stark für Menschen!“


2. Award winner: Piero Masztalerz

Piero Masztalerz won the second prize and 1.000 EUR.

„answer god“



3. Award winner: Steve Geshwister

Steve Geshwister won the second prize and 500 EUR.

"holy gay marriage"