Award Winners "Frecher Mario" 2012


 [Report on hpd (in German)]

On February 23th, 2013, the art award "Der freche Mario" was awarded for the third timein the rooms of the Giordano Bruno Foundation, Oberwesel . Entry to the award ceremony was free.

The price was distributed as follows. To the first award winner: 1500€; to the second award winner: 1.000 €; to the third award winner: 500 €. 

1. Award Winner: Miguel Fernandez

Miguel Fernandez won the first prize and 1.500 EUR







2. Award Winner: Jan-Michael Richter

Jan-Michael Richter won the second prize and 1.000 EUR.  

„Oeyn Returns“



3. Award Winner: Piero Masztalerz

Piero Masztalerz won the third prize and 500 EUR.

„Paradis“ (German)


Honorary-Prize: Wolfram P. Kastner and Rolf Heinrich


Wolfram P. Kastner received an honorary prizefor his artistic engagement against fascism, militarism, and clericalism.

Rolf Heinrich,  having worked for years as a cartoonist for the "MIZ" and of other secular writings, was recognized for his work.