Award Winners 2010



On December9, 2010, the art award "Der freche Mario" was awarded for the second time.

The award ceremony was held under the patronage of Jacques Tilly, graphic designer, set designer and member of the advisory board of the Giordano Bruno Foundation. The jury further consisted of Dr.Fiona Lorenz (HPD), Arik Platzek (, Jörg Salomon (designer), Wolfenstein Berger (board member of bfg München), Assunta Tammelleo (Chairwoman bfg München, member of the advisory board of the Giordano Bruno Foundation) and Michael Wladarsch (gallery 84GHz, board member of bfg München). A contribution to the arts blasphemy Price "Der freche Mario"  is scheduled in the culture magazine  Scala of the WDR(exact date to be announced).

The art award "Der freche Mario 2010" was awarded on Thursday, 09.12.2010, 7.30 p.m. in the rooms of the gallery 84GHz, George Street 84, Munich-Schwabing . Entry to the award ceremony was free.

The price was also this year worth a total of 3000 and was distributed as follows. To the first award winner: 1500€; to the second award winner: 1.000 €; to the third award winner: 500 €. The prize money will be transferred after the announcement of bank account numbers.
Award Winners 2010

The Jury selected from a total of 221 submissions the following award winners:


1. Award: Olaf Encke/Claudia Romero for an excerbt from their short film "Judas und Jesus"



2. Award: Wolfgang Norden for the illustration "Moral - Oral"


3. Award: Ulf Grenzer for his drawing "Echt"



Awards 4 to8  (undopted) are awarded to:

4. Award: Cover of the German satire magazine Titanic


5. Award: Fabian Gerstenberg for his caricature "Aquarium"


6. Award: Volker Kischkel for his caricature "Griechisch-Orthodox" ("Greek-Orthodox")


7. Award: Michael Haneke with his Installation "Sapere Aude"


8. Award: Michael Holtschulte with his caricature "Verdammt" ("Dammned")


Congradulations also for these awardees!

This year the award was embedded in a special exhibition of works by Helmut Sturm, one of the artists of the group SPUR, auch unter dem Namen "S.P.U.R." bekannt. The exhibition at the Gallery 84 GHz on Friday, 10.Dez 2010 will be followed by a vernissage.

S.P.U.R. was an avant-garde group of artists, founded in 1958 in Munich. The groupe made an important artistic and also theoretical (see their Manifesto) contribution to the German avant-garde after 1945. The group succeeded at times to connect to the European Situationist International. Against the artists of this group one of the most spectacular trials because of blasphemy of Germany. Dieter Kunzelmann, Prem, Helmut Sturm and HP Zimmer were convicted in the first instance for disseminating obscene writings to prison terms of five months or five months and two weeks, but the sentence was suspended in the second instance. A constitutional complaint before the Federal Constitutional Court was finally rejected in 1975.

Many thanks to all participiants of this competition!
Assunta Tammelleo
bfg mÜnchen
- Chairwoman-